Quiz: Name every team Thierry Henry scored against

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was a master marksman during his time in north London, with his 228 goals unmatched by anyone wearing our colours, but can you recall all the different teams he managed to score against during his time at the club?

We've set up a quiz for you to test your knowledge of one of our greatest-ever players, and see if you can name all 58 victims who couldn't prevent the Frenchman from finding the net.

You've got just nine minutes to have a go, so get your thinking cap on and see how high you can score!

Once you're done, why not challenge your friends to see if they can do better, or if you've got some spare time why not have a go at our collection of Arsenal-related quizzes?


Quiz: Our goalkeepers who've kept PL clean sheets

David Raya celebrates a goal

David Raya's superb displays this season have put him on the brink of claiming the Premier League Golden Glove, and sees him climb up our all-time clean sheet rankings.

The Spaniard became the 22nd goalkeeper to register a shutout for us in the competition, but how many of the other custodians can you recall?

We've given you seven minutes to name all the number ones - have a go below and when you're done, delve into our archive of previous quizzes.

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