Arsenal away support

What is Away Ticket Transfer?

As part of our continued efforts to improve the ticketing experience for our supporters and to ensure all tickets are used by genuine Arsenal supporters, we are pleased to announce a new Away Ticket Transfer service, which will be available from our fixture with Nottingham Forest at the City Ground on 30th January 2024.

Who can use Away Ticket Transfer

Away Ticket Transfer allows eligible away ticket holders to transfer their ticket for an away game they cannot attend. Away tickets can either be transferred to a "Qualifying Supporter", who holds the relevant number of away points to be eligible to purchase a ticket for the away fixture when originally on-sale, or a "Designated Recipient", a paid Arsenal Member or Season Ticket Holder who has been nominated by the ticket holder. 

Supporters can access the Away Ticket Transfer request form here. Eligible supporters should note that accessing this service is different from how they use their Online Box Office account for the home Ticket Transfer and Ticket Exchange facilities.

How do I transfer to a Qualifying Supporter?

If an away ticket purchaser can no longer attend the game, they will have the option to transfer their ticket to another supporter who possesses the required number of away points at which the game sells out. This information can be found on the ticket information page for the relevant fixture. The supporter accepting the transfer must be a Gold / Platinum Season Ticket Holder or Travel Club Member and cannot already have a ticket registered to their membership account for the specific game.

If an away ticket is transferred to a "Qualifying Supporter", the away point is transferred from the original purchaser to the recipient. 

How do I transfer to a Designated Recipient?

Away Ticket Holders will also have the option to assign two Designated Recipients, who can receive an away ticket via the Away Ticket Transfer. These individuals can be selected at any time during the season, but once two have been selected, their selection is final and cannot be altered during the season.

- Designated Recipients must be an Arsenal Paid Member (e.g. Red, Silver, Travel Club Member) or Season Ticket Holder and must be in the membership network of the Season Ticket Holder / Travel Club Member before completing the transfer. Click here for details on how to add other supporters to your Network. 

If an away ticket is transferred to a "Designated Recipient", the original ticket purchaser does not retain the away point and it is not transferred to the recipient. 

Away Ticket Sanction Policy

The new Away Ticket Transfer process provides a legitimate way for supporters who can no longer attend to transfer their ticket to another supporter and any supporter who cannot attend the game after purchasing a ticket is encouraged to use this Transfer facility. 

As per our Away Ticket Terms and Conditions, from the Nottingham Forest fixture on 30 January 2024, any supporter who breaches these terms by failing to collect their ticket when requested to do so may be subject to the below sanctions. These sanctions will also be enforced if someone other than the intended recipient attempts to collect the ticket:

- First strike: Lose 1 away point

- Second strike: Lose 10 away points

- Third strike: Lose all away points

We are also working with other clubs in relation to scanned ticket data and if we are notified by the host club regarding any unused tickets, we will remove the away loyalty point in this instance also. This would not count towards the sanctions detailed here.

Any ticket purchaser who is found to have sold or attempted to sell their ticket for above face value risks losing their Season Ticket or Membership completely. Any Season Ticket Holder who receives a ban can appeal by contacting the Club from the date they were notified of the ban. Click here for more information about our ticket usage rules, sanctions and appeals process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I use Away Ticket Transfer?

Tickets can only be transferred to a Qualifying Season Ticket Holder / Travel Club Member or Designated Recipient once per fixture, but supporters can use the Away Ticket Transfer system for all applicable games throughout the season.

What happens to the away point when using Away Ticket Transfer?

When transferring to a qualifying Gold / Platinum Season Ticket Holder or Travel Club Member, the original ticket purchaser does not retain the away point, and the away point for the relevant game is awarded to the attending supporter once the ticket has been transferred.
When transferring to a Designated Recipient, the original ticket purchaser does not retain the away point and neither does the Designated Recipient.
Please note, if the ticket is marked for collection, the away point will only be retained by the attending Gold / Platinum Season Ticket Holder or Travel Club Member if they collect the ticket. Any supporter who does not collect the ticket will have the away point removed from their membership account post-match.

How do I select my Designated Recipients?

Please be mindful that you cannot email the club to pre-register your Designated Recipients. The selection must be carried out when completing an Away Ticket Transfer and these will be recorded on your membership account by the Club.
Designated Recipients must be paid Arsenal Members (e.g. Red / Silver Members). They do not need to be a Season Ticket Holder or Travel Club Member and do not need to have any accrued away points.

Is there a limit to the number of networks I can be in as a "Designated Recipient"?

No, as long as supporters are Paid Arsenal Members or Season Ticket Holders, there is no limit to the number of fixtures they can receive a ticket from a ticket purchaser as a "Designated Recipient", at a maximum of one per fixture, and they can be a "Designated Recipient" for any number of ticket purchasers.

Can I use Away Ticket Transfer if I have received my physical ticket?

Please note that any supporter who has received their physical ticket and chooses to use the Away Ticket Transfer service is responsible for distributing the physical ticket to the supporter who will be attending the relevant match. If this ticket is lost, it is the recipient's responsibility to contact the Club in line with our Away Ticket Duplicate Policy.

What is the deadline for Away Ticket Transfer?

We will communicate all confirmed deadlines relating to applicable fixture here on the relevant fixture's ticket information page. The deadline for submission will be approximately 7 days before the game, with the opening date approximately 14 days before the game.
All deadlines are subject to change and we will gather information for supporters as soon as the ticket pages are live.

Will there be an option to use Away Ticket Transfer after the deadline?

Any supporter who is unable to attend after the Away Ticket Transfer deadline has passed is encouraged to get in touch with our Fan Services team here in advance of the game for further assistance.
All cases will be assessed and we do encourage supporters to complete their transfer before the deadline.

Will Away Ticket Transfer be available for all fixtures?

Please be mindful that the Away Ticket Transfer process may not be operational for certain fixtures, especially those with a tight turnaround between confirmation of game and fixture date.
The availability on whether Away Ticket Transfer is possible will be listed on the respective fixture's ticket information page.

Will there still be Away Ticket Collections?

Alongside this additional flexibility for away ticket holders and as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure highly sought after away tickets are used by genuine Arsenal supporters, there will continue to be an increased number of random collections in place at away games and there will be sanctions for supporters who fail to collect their ticket. Supporters will receive a minimum notice of 48 hours, and those who successfully collect tickets will not be required to do so again for several subsequent games.

Can Disabled Supporters use this service?

We have an option available for Disabled Supporters, with all information visible here.

When will I be notified that my Ticket Transfer is completed?

Supporters who complete the form will receive an email confirmation referring to their selected option (assigned collection/physical ticket received).
Following the deadline, all forms will be extracted and any eligible will be processed no later than 72 hours before the fixture.
Transferees will be contacted to update on the status of their booking. For any rejected forms, transferors will receive correspondence from the club as to the next steps.